The year-end holiday is finally here, and it’s time to let yourself go. The Christmas holiday every year is a good time to travel. What I’m sharing today is my travel record in the UK.

The UK is a country rich in history and culture, with many unforgettable and awe-inspiring sights. London is one of the essential destinations, a city full of art. The royal and aristocratic style in the ancient castle is a center of modern design and contemporary art. London is home to the British Museum, one of the three largest museums in the world. It is a concentration of historical relics, majestic buildings and a historic cultural and artistic atmosphere. There are nearly 8 million objects in the British Museum. Various exquisite collections come from all over the world, including ancient Chinese porcelain, ancient Egyptian mummies, etc. These rare treasures are impressive!

Edinburgh is a famous cultural ancient city in the United Kingdom and the capital of Scotland. It was founded in 1329. On the Royal Mile, which is full of classic atmosphere, you can see all kinds of strange costumes and cheerful performances everywhere. In Edinburgh Castle, you can see the three-meter-thick city wall with thick gates and the vaguely exposed large steel cannon. This is really an impeccable and solid fortress. What’s amazing is that the castle preserves the gleaming sword, the king’s silver scepter and the exquisite crown. What’s even more incredible is that the crown is inlaid with many sparkling diamonds and jewels. The one o’clock gun is one of the most famous attractions in the castle. In the past, a loud salute was fired at one o’clock in the afternoon to remind sailors traveling far away. This is a witness to history.

Of course, the beautiful Big Ben is not to be missed, and the Thames is also a place full of fun. The various local specialties are also amazing! The UK is worthy of being the center of modern art. It is full of art and classical culture and is a destination worth traveling to.