I’m a big fan of tacos – making my own at home today! Learn how to use this fresh, easy, and delicious recipe. Over the past few months I’ve been enjoying a large burrito …… I’m not ordering takeaway. For always making delicious homemade tacos at home!

I researched and prepared copycat tacos at home because I realised that there wasn’t a single component of my typical Chipotle order that I couldn’t make myself. These homemade tacos are delicious, perfect for a family meal and super budget friendly. If you’re a fan of tacos too, you have to try one for yourself.

The ingredients needed are: vegetables – garlic, cumin and paprika cook peppers and onions to make your own fajita vegetables. Alternatives are to use fresh ingredients such as sainfoin, chopped lettuce and corn.

Salsa: pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa verde, fresh tomato salad and corn salad are all delicious. And of course guacamole and optional toppings: garnish your bowl with cilantro, pickled red onions, pickled jalapenos, sour cream or vegan sour cream and/or a sprinkle of shredded feta or cheddar cheese. You can’t go wrong with a little cilantro-lime sauce drizzled on top!