Have you ever eaten a jacket potato? The perfect jacket potato is crispy on the skin and fluffy on the inside. Today I’m sharing a jacket potato recipe that works every time, so fill up your potatoes and let’s get started!

The perfect jacket potato is delicious. They look brown and crispy on the outside, covered in a layer of sea salt. Pierce the skin of the potato and your fork opens up the soft, fluffy interior. It may be hard to resist eating the whole potato straight from the oven, but if you take the time to put a little butter or a dollop of sour cream on top, you won’t be able to deny that it’s worth the wait.

This recipe for salt-crusted jacket potatoes changes everything that was previously known, the potatoes are the main attraction, a little butter or sour cream goes well here, but the potatoes come out of the oven with a crispy, delicious skin and a creamy, piping hot interior that is delicious. Serve them as a hearty side dish or, of course, fill them up and call them dinner.

Serving this oven jacket potato recipe with a little butter, salt and pepper is a great suggestion, and adding a few well-chosen toppings would take it to the next level. I love my cashew sour cream, tempeh bacon and fine shallots, but plain sour cream, ‘cheese sauce’, Greek yoghurt or cheddar cheese are also delicious. Enjoy this jacket potato recipe on its own, or with your other favourite proteins. It can also be served with a hearty salad.