Spring is here, so where are the outdoor loving Brits heading? Probably many prefer that mountain or continue down that coastal path if there’s a little promise of enjoyment at the end of it. Well, get ready to go, while the weather’s clear!

Although the idea of complementing a walking holiday with good food is not entirely new, the ‘foodie’ era has attracted both food-loving hikers and foodies who don’t normally hike. So, if there is a gastronomic incentive, the hiker will be even more excited!

You can of course also stop off for a hearty lunch at a boutique hotel, rather than a simple picnic. You can dine at an estate with a Michelin star rather than a lukewarm hotel buffet. Sometimes the whole tour is filled with a variety of culinary delights, including strolls through sparkling vineyards, fruit-rich orchards and working fishing villages. These experiences can be extremely satisfying for travellers.

Travellers find that local food helps them to understand the culture of their destination. Combining this taste exploration with the slow, immersive nature of a walking holiday will be the greatest exploration for walkers.

With excellent restaurants appearing in more rural areas, travellers who have the opportunity to attend these venues, get some fresh air and go for pleasant walks, it’s a winning combination for those looking for exceptional hotels and great food. This will be a favourite among walking travellers.

Elegant Coast to Coast, England
The Wainwright Coast to Coast Trail across England from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay will become an official National Trail from last year. The upgraded trail will be ready by 2025. As you walk 5-10 miles a day through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors, you’ll be staying in the best places and eating the best food. This is another alternative walking destination.

Pilgrimage to Iberville, Dordogne, France
It is not known when pilgrims began to enjoy visiting the clifftop Dordogne village of Rocamadour. They were fascinated by the many miracles that took place here, which were recorded by some monks in 1173. Some 800 years later, many modern-day pilgrims are again attracted by the amazing food produced in the Dordogne: the tempting specialities of foie gras and truffles, strawberries, ceps, creamy Rocamadour and nutty Cabécou cheese, Quercy lamb and magrets de canard. And, of course, the delicious wines.

Walking Tours, Spain
From Bilbao to Barcelona, Ramblers Walking Holidays’ new Tapas Trails tour is a great way to graze in northern Spain. The Basque Country, where there is time to visit the Guggenheim, then roam into the lush surrounding mountains before taking an enjoyable tour of the city. Then take the train to Rioja, follow the Route de Santiago through Logroño, hike into the Cantabrian Mountains and learn about the region’s speciality wines. A very leisurely and comfortable trip!